KM Plant Services is the ONE SOURCE SOLUTION for meeting your industrial cleaning needs. Keeping safety first, KMPS offers you a broad range of industrial cleaning services with the skill and experience it takes to deliver them reliably and efficiently. Using leading-edge technologies, our supervisors and technicians provide safe, innovative and cost competitive processes that assure timely completion and client satisfaction. With over 30 years of industrial experience, we can handle the most challenging jobs, regardless of their location, complexity or material handling requirements.

KM Plant Services is committed to safeguarding employees and to supplying our customers with the highest quality services possible. Our first priority is to foster a culture that instills a sense of pride and duty to protect the health and welfare of every employee, and everyone we associate with during the course of our business activities

Gleaning best practice and unique ideas from our diversified market experience and incorporating them into our work processes allows us to customize performance, rather than take a one size fits all approach. KM Plant Servicesí industrial cleaning experience, expertise and innovation are known throughout the industry as setting the pace for others to follow.

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